5 Ways to Get Baby to Sleep at Night

Alter your room - and the light.

Many parents have heard about utilizing blackout shades in the nursery, but try putting them in your own room as well. You'll sleep better at night, later in the morning time, and doze more easily during the day while your infant is napping. Do a quick spa treatment.

Gentle touch.

Newborn infants who have a bedtime massage doze off faster and sleep more thoroughly than those who don't. Before bedtime, give your baby a 15-minute rub down using slow strokes, gentle pressure, and a baby-safe oil.

Breathe slowly.

One way to get into a calm mood during the night is to slow down your breathing. It sends your baby a signal to be calm. To pace yourself, use headphones to listen to music that's slower than your heartbeat (anything with fewer than 70 beats per minute, like a soft ballad), then breathe to the rhythm.

Utilize a bassinet.

A bassinet can be placed into your bedroom and may improve the quality of your infant's sleep. Infants are inclined to sleep better in bassinets partly because they feel safer and more enclosed there.

In the morning, bring in the light.

Once it's time to get up, move into bright light ASAP. Light exposure to tells your biological clock that you should be awake. This is true for both you and your baby. Head out for a stroll with your child or sit with her by a sunny window. It will energize both of you, and help you remember the one additional thing that's predictable about motherhood: regardless of how difficult the night shift is, the sun will arise tomorrow.

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